National Real Estate Investors Association


Recently I was fortunate enough to find a new position with the National Real Estate Investor’s Association. Officially, I work for a small company, Association Resources, LLC as a contract consultant to the National REIA and a local REIA out of Philadelphia. The hierarchy of Real Estate Investor’s Associations is quite intersting, and before anyone can really understand what I do you have to be familiar with that hierarchy with which you can familiarize yourself here.

The reason I was hired was to consult with the Philadelphia based Diversified Real Estate Investors Group to help them with their online marketing, Social Media presence, and their membership outreach and retention, but I’ve since been given an extraordinary opportunity to grow rapidly in this organization on the Legislative Affairs/Government Relations side.

The rapid growth of the private Real Estate Investing Industry has placed our company, Association Resources and the National Real Estate Investors Association in a place to explode with success. The frigid economy over the past several years has led to a dramatic increase in home foreclosures, which presents a tremendous opportunity for local reinvestment in communities by real estate investors.

I know the industry will continue to grow and prosper and I’ll be able to capitalize on the opportunity I’ve been given to have a seat on this bus.

I look forward to reporting back about new developments regarding the National Real Estate Investors Association as they occur.


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