Capacity, Scarcity and The Experience Curve

I made a recent public comment that “Life is all about capacity” and asked readers to think about what I meant. While there were few responses, a good friend of mine commented in reply that “life was about scarcity.” Considering the basis for my comment was about the capacity of individuals to achieve greatness in any respect, and his was about the scarcity of greatness to be achieved in general, I made the rebuttal that while our comments may have both been true I was partial to my original comment as it was of a more optimistic nature.

In response to the give and take, another friend made the argument that it was truly about the experience curve. This made me think more deeply about the original comment that I had made as it related to experience, and this was my response: “I agree that experience has a lot to do with personal capacity, and I guess in the same breath you could say that systematic capacity depends on the experience of those individuals responsible for the system’s operation. So, I agree that the experience curve does play a pretty vital role.”

The original intent of my comment was to inspire some thought regarding the individuals who possess a level of capacity in life that allows them to contribute to more than their own existence, which essentially means they have an ability to steepen the experience curve for others via constructive use of their own capacity.

This is an extraordinarily broad and general subject, but the main point I had originally been inspired by was that life is about an individuals’, a communities’, and this world’s capacity to create value in one way or another. I am still searching for a definitive way that I can constructively use my expanded capacities to influence good in others, but I know there are many out there who have found and followed a calling to capitalize on their expanded capacities. Have you found the best use for your capacity?

Looking forward to hearing about the ways you use your talents.


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