An excerpt from “Radical Britian”

While I refuse to re-write the entire article, as the exorbitant growth of government has become an obvious problem, I will offer this brilliant phrase concluding the article, “Radical Britian” in the August 14-20 2010 volume of The Economist. The article’s main intent was to point out that despite the earliest observations that David Cameron seemed, at first glance, to be the least likely political executive in the world to offer any revolutionary ideas, he has undertaken a dramatic slashing of government in an effort to draw in the budget deficit which was in excess of 11% of GDP. Below is the conclusion referenced above:

“…Throughout the rich world, government has simply gotten too big and Mr. Cameron’s crew currently have the most promising approach to trimming it. Others – and not just the tottering likes of Greece and Spain – will surely follow. That includes America. At present, unlike in the 1980’s, there is no Reaganesque echo from the other side of the Atlantic: despite the Tea Partiers’ zeal, the Republicans seems as clueless as Mr. Obama in producing a credible medium-term plan to balance America’s budget. But pretty soon, as in Europe, somebody will have to come up with one – and Britian, for better or worse is likely to be the place they will come for ideas.”


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