US Standing Among World Community

I recently read and analyzed a report by the American Political Science Association entitled, U.S. Standing in the World: Causes, Consequences, and the Future which I suggest everyone read, but I want to point out that tend to agree with the “Dissenting Views” Appended to the end of the report for the simple reason that on page 5 of the report, a graph of “U.S. Favorability rating” shows that among all other countries polled, the US’s lowest ever favorability rating in 2007 is higher than all but 3 of the other country’s highest recorded favorability rating. The most recent rating recorded for the US was the 2009 rating of 88% favorability which is second highest in the world behind Kenya’s 90%.

While there is a great amount of interesting material in the 44-page report, what I found most interesting was the material regarding the affect that partisanship had on an individual’s impression of the US’s standing in the world. The report suggests that when Democrats are in power Republicans will tend to rate US Standing lower and vice-versa, and I can see how this statistic would be generated, but I am not sure I fit into this category. In fact, I tend to believe that regardless of Congressional or Presidential control the standing of the US in the world would be most positively impacted immediately after elections and most negatively impacted at the end of any President’s term. In my experience, the impact that the “voice of the people” can have during elections proves the superiority of our Representative Democracy and restores American’s faith in our system and the world’s faith in American’s judgement. The messages that electoral results can send are immensely powerful.

What impact do you believe the “voice of the people” can have on the favorability of our beautiful country among the world community?


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  1. Brenda Hamilton on

    I like your brewing blog post much much better! That’s the great thing about this country though, we can hopefully agree to disagree. Love ya buddy.

    • Keith Knapp on

      I assume, based on your comment that you read the entire report? If so, with what about my assumption do you disagree. I didn’t make a partisan comment or even say anything negative. In fact, I’d have assumed you would have truly enjoyed this post.

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