VOTE: San Juan Western Bluebird Reintroduction Project

Here is an election you will really want to vote in…..

My cousin, Gary Slater, is the current research director for the San Juan Western Bluebird Reintroduction Project which seeks to facilitate the reintroduction of this rare and beautiful species into the Western United States. The project is entering it’s fifth year, but this year faces some interesting challenges because of funding shortages. PLEASE read the letter below and VOTE for the San Juan Western Bluebird Reintroduction Project, as this species is the only one on the ballot which is in North America.

In March 2011, the San Juan Islands Western Bluebird Reintroduction Project will be entering its 5th year.  Each year, the project seeks to acquire the annual funding it needs from various agencies and foundations, but this year you can help!  We are currently in a competition with several other projects for funding from the Zoo Boise Conservation Fund that requires on-line voting during the month of October to identify a winner.  We would greatly appreciate your efforts to help us “get out the vote” for this important project.  Our project is the only one from North America, thus your vote helps to advance bird conservation “on the home front.”

Voting should only take about 1-2 minutes and you can access the process at the Zoo Boise Conservation Fund web page (   Please share this broadly and thanks in advance for your help.  Voting closes October 31.

Bluebirds last nested on the San Juan Islands in the early 1960s.  Over the last four years, we have been translocating adult bluebirds from Fort Lewis Military Installation in Olympia, Washington to the San Juan Islands.  In the first year (2007), we had a pair successfully nest and fledge young, and since then the number of returning birds, the size of the nesting population, and the number of young fledged has increased in each year.  In 2010, we had 12 pairs fledge 84 young on San Juan Island.  In addition to reestablishing a nesting population of bluebirds, our extensive education and outreach efforts are reaching children and adults alike, and significantly advancing conservation of the prairie-oak ecosystem.  Examples include schoolchildren building and installing nest boxes, community volunteers donating time and materials to build and move aviaries, numerous newspaper articles and television reporting stories, and landowners and conservation organizations protecting habitat through acquisitions and easements.

The San Juan Islands Western Bluebird Reintroduction Project ( or ( is comprised of many primary partners including American Bird Conservancy, Ecostudies Institute, San Juan Preservation Trust, San Juan Islands Audubon Society, Department of Defense Fort Lewis Military Installation, The Nature Conservancy of Washington, and the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife; and has been financially supported by Disney Wildlife Conservation Fund, Zoo Boise Conservation Fund, Wildlife Forever Fund, Norcliffe Foundation, Horizons Foundation, and many private individuals.

Please support this project and VOTE TODAY by clicking on the link ( and by forwarding this message on.

Gary Slater
Research Director
Ecostudies Institute
PO Box 703
Mount Vernon, WA 98273

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