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Adventure Parenting: A Blog is Born! – a very interesting first article as part of a series about being an adventurous parent and raising kids who love the outdoors.

Father Plays Best – first of seven short quips about ways to raise adventurous kids.

10 Business and Leadership Lessons – From Machiavelli – a wonderful list of the top ten reason, Machiavelli is a perfect read for those who aspire to be successful leaders.

15 mistakes young entrepreneurs make, but don’t have to – a lot of valuable information for those who’d aspire to start or run a new business.

EarthTalk: What is Global Dimming? – basically says global warming is not a worry anymore, but that carbon in the atmosphere may reflect the sun’s rays and freeze us out! What’s next? (2010.12.17)

20 things I Learned about Browsers and the Web – very interesting guidebook from Google that will help readers understand a bit more about the environment in which they spend so much time. (2010.12.16)

10 Steps to Be a Better Father – (2010.11.19)


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