Bucket list v1.0

While many are familiar with the concept of a bucket list, few put their hopes and dreams out for the eye of the public. I’m a bit different, however, in that I’m a self proclaimed dreamer. Many will consider that title a bit cliche or even audacious, but as a true believer in the ability of people to conceptualize and develop plans to complete any number of given tasks, I wanted to shed some light on some of the “dreams” I have for myself. As an equally firm believer in constructive criticism I hope to get feedback regarding this list.


  1. Become a Father
  2. Run a Fifty Mile race
  3. Become a coach (running)
  4. Own a business
  5. Flip a house for profit
  6. Own a piece of recreational property (the idea of a cabin has been ingrained in my soul)
  7. Finish a full Triathlon
  8. Write a Book
  9. Backpack the Appalachian Trail
  10. Kayak Class V Rapids
  11. Teach a class
  12. Build a house (or addition)
  13. Become a mentor (I’ve had many great mentors I hope to emulate some day)
  14. Give someone a job
  15. Help a child accomplish a goal
  16. Visit Australia
  17. Surf  (attempt to) in Hawaii
  18. Raise a significant amount of money for a worthy cause
  19. Hold public office
  20. Create
  21. Become a grandfather
  22. Paddle the entire Great Miami River
  23. Backpack the entire Sheltowee Trace
  24. Peak a 14,000+ mountain (in US)
  25. Skydive
  26. Scuba dive
  27. Own a motorcycle
  28. Inspire a dreamer
  29. Take a canoe/kayak trip at Border Waters
  30. Create art

*please note that these are in no particular order.


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