Morning Run = Longer life

So, leave it up to scientists to point out what many athletes have known all along. Stay active and you live longer. Pretty simple conclusion, but some of the specifics of the research that was recently conducted by a team at Canada’s McMaster University is pretty interesting. Their recent study shatters the myth that life span is predetermined by genetics. The latest bombshell: your morning run could be the fountain of youth.

While there are some awesome informational snippets within the article, the “Age old wisdom” below is a pretty great wrap-up!

Age-Old Wisdom
There’s no avoiding aging altogether—at least not yet. But in addition to regular endurance training, these three promising habits may extend your life span.

Cut your calories. The evidence is strong: in studies of everything from flies to primates (but not yet humans), animals that ate less—30 to 50 percent of their normal dietary intake—lived longer than those that did not. It’s not just about keeping the weight off. Even obese mice bred to stay fat, when given low-calorie diets, lived longer than obese mice eating normally.
Boost your antioxidants. Antioxidants mop up the free radicals that are believed to cause age-advancing cellular damage. In a recent study of fruit flies (commonly used as human stand-ins), a key antioxidant in apples extended the life span of the flies by 10 percent and preserved their ability to function well late in life.
Stay positive. A recent Applied Psychology review of 160 studies examining emotional health and longevity found “clear and compelling” evidence that people who have a feeling of well-being in their life—people who maintain an optimistic perspective, have harmonious relationships, and minimize stress—outlive those who are anxious, pessimistic, depressed, manic, stressed out, or unable to enjoy daily existence.


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