Q: What is the tool?

A: is a very new Social Network that was founded in Cincinnati, OH which aims to provide an valuable resource for two audiences. Outdoor Actives (folks who regularly spend time in the outdoors), and Outdoors Experiencers (those who might otherwise be referred to as “Weekend Warriors”).

Q: What is its function?

A: By creating a network of people in a locality that enjoy the outdoors, Venturepax has been able to create an exceptional “map” of things to do outside. Outdoor Actives were already participating in activities outside and thus had knowledge to share. Venturepax has enabled them to share this knowledge. Outdoor Experiencers were always looking for things to do and now they have an exceptional resource upon which to rely.

Q: Does this tool require membership?

A: You can currently consume the information on the site and within the database without being a member, but in order to share information, you must sign-up.

Q: What is the cost for the tool?

A: Being a member of Venturepax is free!

Q: What are the features of this tool? (If too numerous, mention key features)

A: Venturepax includes a very wide array of tools, but the purpose of the site is to enable people to easily find and share information about outdoor locations (Destinations) and things to do at those locations (Ventures) and earn points for participation. That being said, there are search features, map features, photography sharing elements, videosharing elements and comment sections to include stories, warnings or tips.

Q: How does one use this tool?

A: In order to fully utilize the tools mentioned above, you have to sign-up at The User experience is pretty intuitive so the learning process is fairly easy. For a bit more detail about how to get started you can visit

Q: How does one optimize use of this tool?

A: Getting performance out of this tool can mean different things for different users. For me, adding photos, videos and pointers that help people access the fun activities in which I regularly participate outdoors, thus earning points, is optimizing. For consumers, being able to log-on and find a great place to walk the dog on a beautiful afternoon would be plenty.

Q:What are the benefits (pros) and drawbacks (cons) of this tool?

A: Being so new, Venturepax has yet to establish a large user base and the content on the site has been added by a small but faithful group of outdoor enthusiasts. Therefore, the content on the site is currently very centrally located around the areas in which this regular group actively engages in outdoor activities. Additionally, the comments may come across as a bit biased in favor of the “awesomeness” of the destinations and ventures. On the positive side, Venturepax was founded at a time when governments across the country are cutting parks and recreation budgets and Venturepax has stepped in to relieve the tourism boards for counties across the region to provide marketing material and promotion for these destinations, for FREE. Also, the obesity epidemic, fueled by rampant inactivity has generated quite the buzz, and Venturepax helps people get outside and enjoy exercise. Playing, whether you realize it, is the best exercise there is!

Q: Is it easy to use?

A: Many improvement have been made to enhance the user experience, but the development of the site is in no way finalized. The leadership team is in the process of determining what content is necessary for both user groups, Actives and Experiencers, to get what they want from the tool.

Q: What is your initial impression?

A: As a very active outdoor enthusiast with a broad interest in running, trail running, kayaking, backpacking, rock climbing and more, Venturepax has provided an excellent outlet for the many photos and videos I have of outdoor activities and provides a way for me to share, with a targeted audience, my passion for the outdoors. The first time I stumbled across Venturepax I was hooked.

Q: What is your impression after using the tool over a few days?

A: Despite having used the tool for a while I vividly remember my initial frustration with the site. However, many development updates have been made and the current user-interface is much cleaner and intuitive. Per a recent conversation with the Founder and CEO of Venturepax, Danny Stull, I know that some VERY COOL changes are on the way!

Don’t take my opinion of Venturepax for granted, though, check them out!


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