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Hyper Island Reflection

Last week I had the pleasure of attending the last two days of an intensive three day “master class” from Hyper Island. I won’t belabor you with details of the class or how it works, but I do think one of the featured attendees on the website says it very well. The world of digital at a pleasant 10,000mph. With great biscuits.— Sarah Jenkins, Managing Partner, GREY.  Also, here is a video (a bit too long) about another experience there – Hyper Island Master Class

Here is what I was thinking at the beginning of day two:

I’m having a hard time understanding what kinds of campaigns we should be running, socially, based on what we want our outcomes to be. We had a brainstorm yesterday about Digital and Social Engagement as it should work in the future and the group I was in kept talking about apps, both Facebook and Mobile. While I believe there may be some opportunity in this area once [certain technologies are available], I’m not convinced that we should be focusing on programs or campaigns at all.

Instead, I’d prefer to focus on developing bite sized content that drives light level interaction among our consumers (the people we want to buy our stuff). For me it means I should start to focus on conversations even more. Recognizing that there are more than words and copy that make up this tidbits. We have to think about these social platforms as BRANDING PLATFORMS not just communications platforms. Our whole process for developing ideas has to change. We have to have does (account teams) and thinkers (strategists) in the same room far more often or we’ll keep getting served program level campaign ideas meant to meat short term goals and objectives that are often in discord with higher level strategies.