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A reflection and pep talk to myself

We need to be more entrepreneurial. We can’t think broadly and creatively without being able to interact with the abstract. Sadly, we all say too quickly, “Business doesn’t stop,” and go about making sure typical processes are followed. We never take the time to think about ways to connect A to ┬ábecause we are so caught up in making sure we connect A to B and B to C.

We are far to focused on iprogrammatic delivery to be able to creatively dream about a better world that we may some day create. Structurally, we’re actively squelching the dreamer mentality because of immediate needs meant to “evolve” business instead of rewarding aspirational thinking meant to innovate.

Also, are we truly changing our thinking or are we being forced into a tepid compliance? Two accounts? Split personality? Authenticity? Genuine? Real? Who are we?