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Limiting speech is a poor response to tragedy, blame game is a disgrace

In the article above ( I encourage you to read) Rep. Robert Brady, D-Pennsylvania, says he will introduce legislation making it “a federal crime for a person to use language or symbols that could be perceived as threatening or inciting violence against a Member of Congress or federal official.”

While I wholeheartedly agree that the incident in Arizona was an absolute tragedy, I STRONGLY disagree with the concept of limiting speech. The whole idea that I could be prosecuted in federal court for saying I’d like to see a pretty heavy percentage of Congress to suffer in some way is absurd. Some may say that I’d be stretching it to assume one could be prosecuted for something like this, but I encourage you to find a case where the federal government hasn’t qualified every possible stretch.

Just so I can get it off my chest before this ignorant excuse for legislating is introduced I want to suggest this for Rep. Brady and a number of other federal officials as well…

Also, courtesy of my friend Dave Hatter, I want to offer some examples of federal officials (members of Rep. Brady’s own party) who are certainly guilty of their fair share of vehemently violent speech.

Democratic Congressman on GOP Gov. Rick Scott: ‘They ought to put him against a wall and shoot him.’

Sandra Bernhard issues ‘gang rape’ warning to Sarah Palin

Crosshair maps: 2010 vs. 2004

I’d be happy to keep going on, but you get the point. Politics is inciting. When people disagree about fundamental beliefs they get defensive, and can become offensive. In these instances, understanding what our teachers taught us in primary school re: conflict resolution is important.

Congresswoman Giffords, for whom we are all praying, was right in the e-mail she sent to Fmr. KY Secretary of State and newly named Director of Harvard’s Institute of Politics. “After you get settled, I would love to talk about what we can do to promote centrism and moderation. I … think that we need to figure out how to tone our rhetoric and partisanship down.Read full article here.



US Standing Among World Community

I recently read and analyzed a report by the American Political Science Association entitled, U.S. Standing in the World: Causes, Consequences, and the Future which I suggest everyone read, but I want to point out that tend to agree with the “Dissenting Views” Appended to the end of the report for the simple reason that on page 5 of the report, a graph of “U.S. Favorability rating” shows that among all other countries polled, the US’s lowest ever favorability rating in 2007 is higher than all but 3 of the other country’s highest recorded favorability rating. The most recent rating recorded for the US was the 2009 rating of 88% favorability which is second highest in the world behind Kenya’s 90%.

While there is a great amount of interesting material in the 44-page report, what I found most interesting was the material regarding the affect that partisanship had on an individual’s impression of the US’s standing in the world. The report suggests that when Democrats are in power Republicans will tend to rate US Standing lower and vice-versa, and I can see how this statistic would be generated, but I am not sure I fit into this category. In fact, I tend to believe that regardless of Congressional or Presidential control the standing of the US in the world would be most positively impacted immediately after elections and most negatively impacted at the end of any President’s term. In my experience, the impact that the “voice of the people” can have during elections proves the superiority of our Representative Democracy and restores American’s faith in our system and the world’s faith in American’s judgement. The messages that electoral results can send are immensely powerful.

What impact do you believe the “voice of the people” can have on the favorability of our beautiful country among the world community?

An excerpt from “Radical Britian”

While I refuse to re-write the entire article, as the exorbitant growth of government has become an obvious problem, I will offer this brilliant phrase concluding the article, “Radical Britian” in the August 14-20 2010 volume of The Economist. The article’s main intent was to point out that despite the earliest observations that David Cameron seemed, at first glance, to be the least likely political executive in the world to offer any revolutionary ideas, he has undertaken a dramatic slashing of government in an effort to draw in the budget deficit which was in excess of 11% of GDP. Below is the conclusion referenced above:

“…Throughout the rich world, government has simply gotten too big and Mr. Cameron’s crew currently have the most promising approach to trimming it. Others – and not just the tottering likes of Greece and Spain – will surely follow. That includes America. At present, unlike in the 1980’s, there is no Reaganesque echo from the other side of the Atlantic: despite the Tea Partiers’ zeal, the Republicans seems as clueless as Mr. Obama in producing a credible medium-term plan to balance America’s budget. But pretty soon, as in Europe, somebody will have to come up with one – and Britian, for better or worse is likely to be the place they will come for ideas.”

Courtesy of Thomas Jefferson

During his presidency John F.  Kennedy held a dinner in the white House for a group of  the brightest  minds in the nation at that time.

He made this  statement:
“This is  perhaps the assembly of the most intelligence ever  to gather at  one time in the White House with the exception  of when  Thomas Jefferson dined  alone.”

Quotes from Thomas Jefferson follow:

“When we  get piled upon one another in large  cities, as in Europe, we shall  become as corrupt as  Europe.”
– Thomas  Jefferson(

“The  democracy will cease to exist when you  take away from those who are willing to  work and give to those who would  not. ”
– Thomas  Jefferson (

“It is  incumbent on every generation to pay  its own debts as it goes. A principle  which if acted on would save one-half  the wars of the world.”
– Thomas  Jefferson (

“I  predict future happiness for Americans  if they can prevent the government from  wasting the labors of the people under  the pretense of taking care of  them.”
– Thomas  Jefferson (

“My  reading of history convinces me that  most bad government results from too  much government.”
– Thomas  Jefferson (

“No  free man shall ever be debarred the use  of arms.”
– Thomas  Jefferson (

“The  strongest reason for the people to  retain the right to keep and bear  arms is, as a last resort, to protect  themselves against tyranny in  government.”
– Thomas  Jefferson (

“The  tree of liberty must be refreshed from  time to time with the blood of patriots  and tyrants.”
– Thomas  Jefferson (

“To  compel a man to subsidize with his  taxes the propagation of ideas which  he disbelieves and abhors is sinful and  tyrannical.”
– Thomas  Jefferson (

Thomas  Jefferson said  in 1802: “I  believe that banking institutions  are more dangerous to our  liberties than standing  armies. If  the American people ever allow private  banks to control the issue of  their currency, first by  inflation, then  by deflation, the banks and  corporations that will grow up around  the banks will deprive the people  of  all property – until  their children wake-up homeless on the  continent their  fathers conquered.”

Thanks to all those patriots who have given their lives to ensure we have the freedom to carry on in the spirit of Jefferson!