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A reflection and pep talk to myself

We need to be more entrepreneurial. We can’t think broadly and creatively without being able to interact with the abstract. Sadly, we all say too quickly, “Business doesn’t stop,” and go about making sure typical processes are followed. We never take the time to think about ways to connect A to  because we are so caught up in making sure we connect A to B and B to C.

We are far to focused on iprogrammatic delivery to be able to creatively dream about a better world that we may some day create. Structurally, we’re actively squelching the dreamer mentality because of immediate needs meant to “evolve” business instead of rewarding aspirational thinking meant to innovate.

Also, are we truly changing our thinking or are we being forced into a tepid compliance? Two accounts? Split personality? Authenticity? Genuine? Real? Who are we?


Hyper Island Reflection

Last week I had the pleasure of attending the last two days of an intensive three day “master class” from Hyper Island. I won’t belabor you with details of the class or how it works, but I do think one of the featured attendees on the website says it very well. The world of digital at a pleasant 10,000mph. With great biscuits.— Sarah Jenkins, Managing Partner, GREY.  Also, here is a video (a bit too long) about another experience there – Hyper Island Master Class

Here is what I was thinking at the beginning of day two:

I’m having a hard time understanding what kinds of campaigns we should be running, socially, based on what we want our outcomes to be. We had a brainstorm yesterday about Digital and Social Engagement as it should work in the future and the group I was in kept talking about apps, both Facebook and Mobile. While I believe there may be some opportunity in this area once [certain technologies are available], I’m not convinced that we should be focusing on programs or campaigns at all.

Instead, I’d prefer to focus on developing bite sized content that drives light level interaction among our consumers (the people we want to buy our stuff). For me it means I should start to focus on conversations even more. Recognizing that there are more than words and copy that make up this tidbits. We have to think about these social platforms as BRANDING PLATFORMS not just communications platforms. Our whole process for developing ideas has to change. We have to have does (account teams) and thinkers (strategists) in the same room far more often or we’ll keep getting served program level campaign ideas meant to meat short term goals and objectives that are often in discord with higher level strategies.

Point Made-hotdogs in pizza are “brilliant”

I have to point out that as I clicked on a Tide comment in my Facebook timeline during a “debate” about whether the recently created Hot Dog Stuffed Crust Pizza from Pizza Hut, where I’m voicing an adamant opinion that this creation is amazing and should be brought to America immediately (currently available only in the U.K.,) that the most recent comment to a post inquiring “What do the Red, White and Blue mean to you” is “hotdogs.”

Venturepax Review

In brilliant eloquence, Nick Bilton, in I live in the Future and This is how it Works, references the power of communities to “go way beyond geography.” A person’s own understanding of who they are can represent different and imagined communities. For example, a single person can consider themselves part of a nation, a state, a city, a neighborhood, team and more. Some of these “are connected and overlap, but most don’t, and they are all dynamic, subject to influence by other communities…”, a burgeoning social network founded in Cincinnati, OH seeks to create a community of users who are interested in one thing: getting outside. While there are many sub categories of users who will be encouraged and enticed to join Venturepax, such as rock climbers, runner, kayakers, mountain bikers and snowboarders, the community is based around the central love of being outside. Recent developments in technology have made the creation of communities like Venturepax, possible. Despite not being able to know or communicate with every other member of the Venturepax community, members can feel connected and bound to each other through their imagined community which Bilton describes in his book.

Aside from providing an imagined community, where members share information about outdoor activities in their specific geographical communities in an on-line way, Venturepax serves as a platform for initiating a social change. For many being an outdoor enthusiast means having easy access world class outdoor venues such as the Arizona’s Grand Canyon or The North Face in California. Venturepax aims to raise awareness among geographical communities about the many outdoor activities that are available to people all over the country. For example, not many know that Cincinnati is home the largest municipal park in the country, Mt. Airy Forest. Mt. Airy Forest, with more than 1,461 acres and more than 15 miles of trails is nearly three times as large as the second largest municipal park in the nation, New York’s Central park. There is a lot of exploring to be done and Venturepax provides a way for people to find out what they can do in their own cities.

Finally, Venturepax acts as a filter for information. Venturepax essentially provides the community verified information about excellent venues for outdoor exploration. By utilizing a “find and share” concept to add new content to the database of Destinations and Ventures, Venturepax always has the inside scoop about the nest places to engage in exciting outdoor activities. It is very easy for a new user or experienced member to click “Find Activity” to locate the nearest place to go on an afternoon canoe trip.

Considering all of these benefits of Venturepax, it is evident that the network can be very valuable. The major factor in whether Venturepax can survive in the fast-paced user driven start-up world is usability. If User have a positive experience on the site and the mission can be effectively communicated, Venturepax will undoubtedly achieve their mission of helping people find and share information about ways to experience the great outdoors.

Bucket list v1.0

While many are familiar with the concept of a bucket list, few put their hopes and dreams out for the eye of the public. I’m a bit different, however, in that I’m a self proclaimed dreamer. Many will consider that title a bit cliche or even audacious, but as a true believer in the ability of people to conceptualize and develop plans to complete any number of given tasks, I wanted to shed some light on some of the “dreams” I have for myself. As an equally firm believer in constructive criticism I hope to get feedback regarding this list.


  1. Become a Father
  2. Run a Fifty Mile race
  3. Become a coach (running)
  4. Own a business
  5. Flip a house for profit
  6. Own a piece of recreational property (the idea of a cabin has been ingrained in my soul)
  7. Finish a full Triathlon
  8. Write a Book
  9. Backpack the Appalachian Trail
  10. Kayak Class V Rapids
  11. Teach a class
  12. Build a house (or addition)
  13. Become a mentor (I’ve had many great mentors I hope to emulate some day)
  14. Give someone a job
  15. Help a child accomplish a goal
  16. Visit Australia
  17. Surf  (attempt to) in Hawaii
  18. Raise a significant amount of money for a worthy cause
  19. Hold public office
  20. Create
  21. Become a grandfather
  22. Paddle the entire Great Miami River
  23. Backpack the entire Sheltowee Trace
  24. Peak a 14,000+ mountain (in US)
  25. Skydive
  26. Scuba dive
  27. Own a motorcycle
  28. Inspire a dreamer
  29. Take a canoe/kayak trip at Border Waters
  30. Create art

*please note that these are in no particular order.

Interesting Links Archive



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20 things I Learned about Browsers and the Web – very interesting guidebook from Google that will help readers understand a bit more about the environment in which they spend so much time. (2010.12.16)

10 Steps to Be a Better Father – (2010.11.19)

National Real Estate Investors Association


Recently I was fortunate enough to find a new position with the National Real Estate Investor’s Association. Officially, I work for a small company, Association Resources, LLC as a contract consultant to the National REIA and a local REIA out of Philadelphia. The hierarchy of Real Estate Investor’s Associations is quite intersting, and before anyone can really understand what I do you have to be familiar with that hierarchy with which you can familiarize yourself here.

The reason I was hired was to consult with the Philadelphia based Diversified Real Estate Investors Group to help them with their online marketing, Social Media presence, and their membership outreach and retention, but I’ve since been given an extraordinary opportunity to grow rapidly in this organization on the Legislative Affairs/Government Relations side.

The rapid growth of the private Real Estate Investing Industry has placed our company, Association Resources and the National Real Estate Investors Association in a place to explode with success. The frigid economy over the past several years has led to a dramatic increase in home foreclosures, which presents a tremendous opportunity for local reinvestment in communities by real estate investors.

I know the industry will continue to grow and prosper and I’ll be able to capitalize on the opportunity I’ve been given to have a seat on this bus.

I look forward to reporting back about new developments regarding the National Real Estate Investors Association as they occur.

Hello world!

I would like to say hello to the blogosphere, as this is my first time entering. I’m surprised at how easy it was to become a part of this phenomenon and I hope I can continue to be as inspired by all of life as I am by most recent advances in communication technology.